Why does the modulbox system also make sense as an outdoor exhibition stand?

Outdoor exhibition stands can be very efficient communication tools in the field of direct business communication. As a mobile and all-weather exhibition system, the modulbox can be used all year round.
The modulbox system is mobile and has been specially developed for outdoor use.

Compared to tents, pagodas or light folding systems, the modulbox is much more stable as an outdoor exhibition system. The steel and aluminium construction makes the Promotioncube more durable and therefore more sustainable and safer. At the same time, assembly is simple and can be done by one person. This guarantees cost-efficient logistics.

Compared to promotion vehicles, extended show trucks or event trailers, the modulbox system allows you to approach customers at eye level. There are no steps, stairs or doors to hinder contact.

Outdoor exhibition stand impressions

On the road with the modulbox

With the mo pop system, Mo systeme even offers the classic event container as a ‘folding container’. This means that the trade fair container or event container fits through any standard door and thus into almost any interior. Whether it is a congress hall, lobby or exhibition room, the folding container can be pushed into lifts and is still quickly put together. If the focus is on an outdoor exhibition stand, the modulbox system is the right choice.

The large folding roofs protect visitors and exhibitors, exhibits and technology from sun and rain. The open design also offers plenty of fresh air and distance. The open structure corresponds to today’s ideas of a contemporary pop-up stand.

However, the outdoor exhibition stand does not necessarily have to be used outdoors. The installation also in the exhibition hall, i.e. as an indoor exhibition stand, makes the exhibition stand a multifunctional and thus very cost-efficient communication tool. A modulbox can be set up in a variety of different places:
• indoors
• outdoors
• on asphalt, lawn, sand, exhibition floor
• City or country
• in the rain or in the snow at the valley station and always in the sunshine as well

In this way, the modulbox system becomes a quick pop-up stand, while at the same time we guarantee long durability and the highest quality of workmanship. This way you get a very sustainable outdoor exhibition stand.

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