Since 2010, the so-called “Bikini House” and the listed ensemble surrounding it in Berlin City West are being renovated. On the building site, mo systeme has built an information center for buyers and by-passers in cooperation with Bootsmanufaktur (no, they don’t make boots; they make boats. Yes, German is confusing). This ensemble could with some right be named the “Swim Trunks House “: The information center consists of three stacked, converted overseas containers – tailor-made, sailor-made, and not very ladylike.

The two CEOs of mo systeme, Oliver Klotz and Marc Schwabedissen, are originally architects, so they immensely enjoyed designing and developing the information center together with the building contractor. At the copy deadline, they did, however, not agree on whether it would be strategically wise or not to let you know at which speed the job was actually executed: The center was completed within three weeks, from the initial idea to the official opening.