Our newest product, the ultra mobile pop-up space, was originally intended for indoor use, but provided with a light roof, the maiden voyage in the Mediterranean became an outdoor Odyssey. The friendly Southern clime was probably responsible for the duration of the visits; the number of visitors, however, probably had to do with the attractiveness of the stand design, which the mo pop contributed towards: great for the daytime, great for the nighttime, great for all kinds of weather.

The lightweight roof is made of tarpaulin, is quickly mounted and removed, and it keeps the rain out, should the weather get unfriendly. The lightweight roof is covered from the outside by an elegant blind, which can be designed to meet the customer’s needs, i.e. with whatever color, motif, logo, etc. that should serve as an eye-catcher. The built-in LED light strips can be flexibly adjusted in color and have different light intensities. This means that it can be adjusted easily at any time and for any environment.

The biggest advantage of the mo pop, hoqwever, is its versatility: 4 mo pop elements (each small enough to pass through a normal door) were put together to create one large, inviting pop-up shop. Reason enough for the maiden voyage of the mo pop to become quite an odyssey: a good six weeks under Mediterranean skies.