Plan and book for spring and summer now.

Some of our customers love the winter saison, while others prefer spring and summer. Of course it has to match the planned live communication campaign. One is out and about in Finland at -28 degrees and another is drawn to the beach in Dubai.

You want to be there live at the Hahnenkamm race, experience Kitzbühl in the snow, no problem as you can see with ‘Velo’.

The planning time for the forthcoming spring and summer season with festivals, live actions and major open-air events has began already. Our customers show us again and again that there are great projects in all seasons and often surprise us with unusual ideas. Plan now and experience that roadshow feeling in summer.

With the modulboxes from mo-systems you can start your own roadshow again this year. Because: no matter where you want to go – it will be professional. Whether a showroom at Lake Starnberg or promotional campaigns at Potsdamer Platz – our modular boxes enable road shows, events and live communication with maximum independence. And if you want, you can put together a whole village out there and get it straight to your customers.

Do you know our yet?
For us, the winter feeling also includes a campfire together, a cheese fondue on the moven or the spicy stew that warms and gives strength after a winter hike. As outdoor experts, we have developed other products in the team and in our metalworking shop over the past two years. Initially moven and the fire bowl went to friends and relatives. The encouragement motivated us to show the world our idea of ​​cooking together. We got our graphic designer on board and also developed a website and a shop for the new products. Recipes included!