Edeka has the cup.

The real European Championship trophy could be admired last Saturday. Customers were surprised while doing their morning weekend shopping. There was a lot on offer in the southern part of Hanover (Germany). Sporting activities such as slagline testing and goal wall shooting encouraged children to join in, and an entertaining DJ provided funny sayings early on for everyone who was standing in line to finally see the European Cup up close. And to have your photo taken with the trophy once in your life. You could relax and drink an espresso or enjoy a small snack.

The Edeka Foundation invited people to the campaign in cooperation with the Wucherpfenning branch in Hanover.

You could have your photo taken with the trophy in the modulbox MAX throughout the day. The box offered the right space, with plenty of branding space for all sponsors and partners. The best invitation for football fans of all ages in anticipation of the start of the EM24.

The modulbox MAX was equipped with the appropriate branding for the campaign and will be on the road for further campaigns in the coming weeks.

Edeka Nord is experienced at modulbox and has been a customer for many years. The customer implements a wide variety of outdoor events with one and the same modulbox. The content is varied and the external branding is clear, concise and clear. The special thing is that the respective branch of the location uses the box and can therefore actively advertise for employees and young trainees.

It can help to visualize the advantages of a modulbox MAX.

You decide whether short-term promotions or long-term rentals. We will develop the right concept with you. Arrive and set up straight away. The driver is the fitter. No waiting times! Simple logistics with a reliable lifting system. Think about what else you can do with your logistics budget if just one or two people set up your entire stand within 1 to 2 hours. Design all areas in your corporate design and look. We deliver a fully equipped product.
Open contact with your target audience increases the success of your campaign.

Various configurations with just one product
The modulbox is open on up to 4 sides and offers folding roofs, doors and platforms on each side. This gives you the maximum opportunity to act in all directions. If another location offers less space, variant X becomes a T, L or I. With the same module and branding you can use any location.

Please feel free to ask us directly whether a modulbox MAX fits to your upcoming campaign and activities.

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