modulbox as an unique fundament.

The choice of your customer approach and customer journey are relying on various options such as: direct contact, media support and virtual reality solutions. Therefore we provide the brand as presentation area, as the fundament for it and as expert for mobile brand staging and brand architecture which you should consider as a sustainable and mobile shop and showroom – for rent or purchase.
This allows you to go on Tour and visit your dealers and customers in Germany and Europe directly. Sustainable and from the point of view of the circular economy, since materials in the resource cycle are carefully returned and reused.

Once a modulbox has been built, it will be used to a maximum for customers and many associated projects over many years. Like a rental car just longer.

Your customer and visitors are feeling invited to enter through the open architecture of a modulbox, since all doors and side wings showing radiate openness and access. Your brand messages can be staged with great impact on the roof and in and around the box, even on the motorway when the box is on its way from one place to the next.

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