As part of the 5G island research project, the Technical University of Dresden commissioned modulbox mo-systeme to equip the modulbox systems with a mobile and fully functional 5G mobile radio system.

Solutions for the use of mobile communication in production are being researched at the TU Dresden. The spectrum of possible users are from small craft businesses to large automobile manufacturers. For the project, computer technology was built into two module boxes and antenna brackets were attached. The aim is to have networks that are independent of the Internet and that can be set up anywhere within a short period of time. The module boxes serve as a kind of “mobile laboratory” with which 5G applications can be easily tested directly on site.

Interested companies and project partners can quickly experience the advantages of this technology without having to make high investments in their own mobile communications technology. The idea of ​​using such transportable networks as a proof-of-concept was now also spun off by the TU Dresden in the start-up Campus Genius.

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