A room that fits through a door? What sounds like a riddle for architects is actually our new product for promotion activities indoors, the mo pop: The ultra-mobile, expandable brand space was the main attraction of hall 9 at this year’s EuroShop in Dusseldorf: To demonstrate how higly mobile and easy to handle the mo pop is, it was continually set up, disassembled, moved around and rebuilt over and over for the entire duration of the five-day retail fair. When closed, the robust aluminum structure fits easily through a standard door: 80 cm wide, about 2 meters high and with built-in wheels, the mo pop can be effortlessly transported by hand. Hinges and gas springs enable the frame to fold and open up to become an eye-catching brand space of two meters depth and about two and a half meters width and height. Wall surfaces and shelving systems of the highest quality can be mounted and branded individually, so that the pop-up store appears in the corporate design of the user. The mo pop up is thus a particularly interesting solution for companies planning promotion or sales activities in crowded indoor areas, such as shopping centers.

What particularly interested the visitors at the EuroShop is the cost-saving handling which reduces logistics expenses drastically because transportation, set-up and dismantling can be done by the promotional staff. Another key feature is the fact that the mo pop can be branded individually: All surfaces of the pop-up can be created in the corporate design of the client; when rented, the powder-coated aluminum frame remains neutral. The wide range of possibilities when it comes to combining pop-up modules and using panels also allow for a maximium of flexibility: open, closed, partially blinded, full-face print, partial use of adhesive foils, translucent, transparent, etc. The two halves of the 5 square meter pop-up store can stand face-to-face or sidetoside or offset like an S to form a tête-à-tête stand. The modules can be combined and extended to create large showrooms or exhibition spaces. Thus, mo pop works as a high quality brand space, fair stand or temporary store in indoor areas such as malls, lobbies or trade fairs.