mo systeme develops mobile architecture and modular spaces for special outdoor activities in marketing, sales and communication.
After the lockdown, the desire for personal encounters and direct networking is great, which is why it is all the more interesting to be able to use rooms for outdoor micro-events.

The modulbox systems offer exactly this, for many places in and outside the cities, in the meadows – everything outdoors.

Changeable, glazed, expandable rooms for outdoors, with flexible usage options and maximum mobility. This enables microEvents for up to 20 people or more.


Gardena – the well-known expert for gardening tools has presented its products with the modulbox MAX as usual this summer at country and garden fairs.
You could experience firsthand how powerful a robotic lawnmower or a water pump is. Consulting and testing devices can be easily implemented through this type of appearance.

For the first time, AOK is on the road for its customers with the modulbox from the usual inside to outside.
This summer in particular, the health insurance company was able to advise all interested parties in detail, under all AHA rules and with the good feeling of being in the fresh air and in nature.

Hybrid always works

LIVE + ONLINE – hybrid events offer not only real visitors, but also an audience that is X times larger through common digital channels to participate. The modulbox systems offer the right framework and space for this.

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