British twitchers can count their birds and blessings: the modulbox debuted as a mobile bird-watching tower journeying through England and Wales with the camera and binoculars manufacturer Leica. The Leica BirdBox accompanied the ornithologist club The Biggest Twitch on several trips to the British countryside to explore the flora and fauna of the region. Leica presented its products to the hobby ornithologists who could try out the equipment immediately on the roof right above.

In this off- roadshow, the core strengths of the modulbox really came into play: easily maneuverable even on rough roads, quick to set up and highly adaptable to the British weather, the modulbox could be turned from an open pavilion with a sun roof into a protective shelter within minutes. For this occasion, mo systeme provided the Leica modulbox with a large roof terrace for the bird spotting crowd.

„We had a great time traveling with the Leica BirdBox ,“ says Alan Davies from The Biggest Twitch. Oliver Klotz, CEO at mo systeme, is very pleased with this: Before deciding to become an architect, he himself was an apprentice at Leica: „During my training at Leica, I learned a lot which certainly affected the technical development of the modulbox. In my opinion, Leica makes the best cameras in the world and we make the best modulbox.“