Gunther Holtorf did 215 countries, 900,000 kilometers and 41 container shipments. His legendary Mercedes-Benz and our collapsible 20-foot container will be shown at the exhibition “Legendewagen G-Klasse” in Berlin until September, before the exhibition travels to its next location on its two-year tour. The agency spek DESIGN from Stuttgart created the exhibition as an experience for all the senses: multimedia, photos and texts tell us about Holtorf’s trip around the world, while he tells us stories at a bonfire. Because of the many container shipments, his legendary car is showcased with what looks like a standard 20-foot shipping container, but is, in fact, a collapsible mo pop. One single mo pop element fits easily through a standard doorway; when put together, the mo pop structure stands 2.5m tall and covers an area of between 5 and 16 square meters. The wall panels can be made of many different types of materials and allows the mo pop to transform from a light, open and transparent structure to an overseas container.

“Because of the travelling theme, we desperately wanted an overseas container for the exhibition,” says Patrick Sauter, Managing Director of the Agency spek DESIGN. “But a traveling exhibition is not easy to handle: Every venue brings new demands in terms of space and logistics, so we had to look for solutions that are easy to transport. Then we came across the mo pop, just awesome: It comes in a few flightcases and fits into a van. On site, it is turned into a large container.”

Marc Schwabedissen, our CEO, explains how the collapsible container came about: “Even though we are specialized in mobile and modular rentable brand spaces, we get a lot of requests for customized solutions, especially container conversions. Now we have combined them: An aluminum frame serves as the mobile basic structure and a rough outer shell of container walls creates the look. ”