TeaTales won the start-up competition of the Deutsche Bahn and got a mo pop up shop inside Berlin’s central station for an entire month. The tea team presented their fresh organic tea creations to the public. Queen of TeaTales Nina Schröder is thrilled: “It went smashingly, to be honest,” says the founder. “There was very little time between winning the competition and putting up the shop, so we had to improvize a little at first, but the mo pop is very flexible and the mo team helped us make adjustments really fast. For example, storage space is an issue for us, as well as security, and mo systeme quickly altered the mo pop from a completely open structure to a shop with closed-off storage space. For us, it was also really nice that our own furniture fit in there. We have used our POS material both at the Bikini Berlin shopping mall and in the Markthalle 9, and it is good if the customers recognize us. The design of the mo pop is so discreet, it is almost like a picture framing mat, where everything goes in and just looks better.”

The prize of the Next Station competition of the Deutsche Bahn offers young entrepreneurs the chance to test their products inside the station. For TeaTales, the program was a complete success: “We got very positive feedback, it was a great learning process, we had a good turnover,” says Nina Schröder. “Our customers behaved very differently depending on the time, the day and the weather. In the first week of June, when the heat wave came, everyone wanted ice tea and one of our new summer teas was sold out immediately; when it got cool, the hot teas were all the rage. In the morning, we sold tea to go; after hours and on Sunday, teas were usually bought for presents or for home. We try so encourage people to live healthier lives, so I was personally delighted that the ice teas went so well. When they are prepared fresh and using high-quality tea, they are delicious without any use of sugar.” We are happy for the young entrepreneurs and wish them the best of luck.