For this year’s travelling Home Design Expo in South Africa, Scan Display developed a flexible stand design with our help, reminiscent of a small, mobile village. The fair is organized by Century Property Developments and targets prospective home buyers by presenting a contemporary alternative to traditional shows using prefabricated houses.

Using eleven modulboxes, the Scan Display team created an outdoor exhibition space, where architects, landscapers, interior designers and other home vendors could create small home environments. This proved a practical solution to the challenge of presenting very diverse home design possibilities as a unified whole. “We wanted a high-quality solution with which we can show all the houses available in a certain area. And we needed to be able to transport it to other regions without great effort, “said Aidan Koen, National Infrastructure Manager at Scan Display. “The modulbox is perfect for this expo, because it is so easy to assemble and the floor area can be expanded to accomodate these mini environments.”

Martin O’Connell, Brand and Marketing Manager at Century Property Developments, adds: “With eleven exhibitors participating at each visit of the travelling Home Design Expo, our team needed an expo solution that could be easily customized and at the same time give these very diverse exhibitors an overall sense of structure and continuity. Kind of like giving different artists the same unpainted canvas.”

Aidan Koen regards the modulbox as the perfect tool for outdoor use, as its easily transportable and very sturdy frame can easily be branded using synthetic panels. At night, the box is can be easily closed and secured by closing all the surfaces panels. The modulbox can easily be adjusted to its surroundings by opening or closing the surface elements or by extending the ground surface in any location.