modulbox mo-systeme is looking forward to a very special anniversary this year: We are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Yes, actually, we’re turning 20.

1 to 5 good first reasons to take a closer look at what we have achieved.

  1. All modular boxes ever manufactured still exist and are still in use. Whether as an overall construction or in individual components. Since each modulbox is constructed modularly, all elements can be exchanged with each other.
  2. In 2024 we will once again be accompanied by a football highlight in our company history. Because when we started out in 2006, we were allowed to organize the volunteer tour for the DFB. 10 modulboxes toured all over Germany, from the Baltic Sea quay wall to Lake Constance, from the Ruhr area to Dresden. All volunteer football coaches, sports officials and clubs should be honored. A first major project for our young company and a start to an exciting World Cup period. In 2024 we will be able to take part in the European Championships in Germany again, this time on a different assignment, but prepare to be surprised.
  3. The move into our new production halls in Berlin-Weissensee at the beginning of 2006 made it possible to build many modular boxes. It was an important strategic step in order to be well positioned logistically. Being able to build and work regionally and close to our personal home in Berlin was important to us.
  4. Marc and Oli as founders differed and complemented each other significantly enough to have achieved 20 years together. Congratulations!
  5. Without our team and our customers over time, we modulbox mo-systeme would not have been able to implement all of this. Our thanks to you all, again.

For our anniversary, we are planning various activities from September to which we will specifically invite you. We will send out the Save The Date for this in June.

The other 6 to 20 reasons and stories for our existence will follow in the upcoming newsletter and also on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for what’s to come!