Together with Karsten Kossatz’s plain-team from Berlin, we developed the outside society concept in order to offer work spaces where most people would otherwise spend their free time: in the forest, on the beach, on the mountain.
The Outside Society places mobile spaces in inspiring places in the middle of nature. An ideal place for brainstorming, strategy development and presentations. But also just to take a deep breath, come down and pause.
With an energy self-sufficient island system, with photovoltaic modules and variable battery storage systems up to 15 kWh, we are largely independent of the power grid if required. In addition, a WLAN router is installed in the MAX modulbox, which ensures a smooth connection with the digital world.
An ecological sanitary unit is also provided, which is mirrored and adapts to any environment.

During a series of events in July and August this year, despite Covid19 restrictions, we were able to lead many people to this special place in the Lichterfeld pasture landscape.