Yes, seriously: A collapsible 20-foot container that can pass through a standard door, will fit in a few flight cases and comes in a van. We have developed the mo pop further and turned conventional container conversion upside down.
For over a decade, we have created mobile, rentable, flexible brand space solutions, but we continue to get requests for converting oversea containers. When our customers have to finally decide which solution works the best for them, they find it difficult. On the one hand, they like the rough look and the closed space of the container. On the other, they often need the flexibility, mobility and lean logistics of our other products. So we thought: Why not combine?

The pop mo is a sleek aluminum structure that fits through every door and in every van: 2 m high, 80 cm wide and 2.5 m long. Once it has reached its destination, it is opened and becomes 2.5 m high. Depending on the number of mo pop elements, a space between 5 and 16 square meters can be created. Optional roof and wall panels branded according to the customers’ needs can also be textile or synthetic. Hence, pretty much every look is possible: from a very light and open structure to a closed, protective