On February 26, our production site became a showroom for mobile solutions: mobile table soccer, a mobile bathroom, a mobile sauna, a mobile kitchen … Together with Senger from Osnabrück and flix mobile solutions from Bremen, our guests got the opportunity to take a closer look at a number of mobile solutions and to experience the advantages and details first hand. Although none of the guests used the mo sauna, they could experience the sauna fire up close and turn the 90 centigrade event into a 360 degree experience.

In addition to our own mobile systems, our guests also got the chance to experience the exciting products of our partners: the “flix live – moving kitchen”, a great, mobile outdoor kitchen for the garden or special events as well as the first-class mobile table soccer solution “flix libero” and the “premium bath mobile”, finally a solution for event usage that successfully combines a bathroom with great design and wonderful ambience.

Our guests may not have gone to the sauna, but they certainly did network and connect well at our production site in Berlin Weissensee. In the future, we would like to make such networking events with our partners more frequently. Who knows – this might be the first small event of a long mo showroom tradition.