Once upon a time, only cowboys, outlaws and wagon trains heading west travelled through Texas. Today, two supersized modulbox MAX, disguised as a mobile shop and a brand space, are heading down the legendary Route 66.

At the Euroshop fair in Dusseldorf, the Texans discovered us and ordered two modulbox MAX on the spot. Or rather: two modulbox MAX XXL. For this client, we supersized the modulbox MAX, opening it to all four sides, which means that this model has four folding roofs, six folding walls, a built-in real hydraulic system and weighs a stunning 2.5 metric tons. Yes, size does matter. Developed to its full potential, this version of the modulbox MAX offers around 50 square meters of covered area and will most certainly catch the attention of anyone passing by.

For the long journey by land and sea, the modulboxes were disassembled into smaller components. After 300 German kilometers, 3,400 nautical miles and 1,000 Canadian miles, the modulboxes MAX will be reassembled in Toronto and completed with the interior design. And then they will head down the famous Route 66, for the last 2,000 US miles of their voyage.

San Antonio will be the starting point for the first American road show using a modulbox MAX. What happens next with the mobile shop under the buring Texan sun? We will keep you posted.