We’re going green.

Since our founding in 2004, we at mo systeme have been pursuing the goal of producing, using and recycling responsibly, so that a meaningful material cycle is created. Now we have brought together all important points for you that lead to a sustainable circular economy and stand for sustainable events. We would like to offer a 360° insight into all work and production areas.

Sustainable events
You and also we know that events can be resource and energy intensive. We provide clever solutions and offers. The modulbox is the sustainability argument for your event and your sustainability balance sheet.

So you and we rely on a system that is part of the material cycle and is modular in structure. Exchange and modifications of components are possible. After a long period of use, the modulbox is restored to a raw state, repaired and used again for the next sustainable customer event. High-quality and durable materials are the basis. On request we also provide solar systems.

Find more information about our responsible use of resources and the avoidance of CO2 emissions – with our local suppliers, partners and colleagues.