Across Europe with an embassy and a modulbox.

The last part of the tour started in Hamburg in the second week of June. We went through Denmark via Scandinavia and then back to Berlin via the Baltics.

Three weeks in which people were invited to speak about the advantages of the internal market, to find out information and to take part in small activities. The aim was to engage people from all walks of life and demonstrate the everyday benefits of the internal market.

From Hamburg on to Odense (Denmark), Malmö and Stockholm in Sweden, Turku in Finland, Tartu in Estonia and to Latvia in Ljepaja for the Festival of Latvian Minorities and Klaipeda, Lithuania.

The multi-part information trip with a modulbox, which is over 17,400 km long, is equipped with a number of dynamic activities. Because this tour isn’t just about learning – it’s also about having fun. From interactive exhibits to awareness-raising games to thought-provoking interviews, there is something to captivate every participant.

Sticking together has always been worth it and it will continue to be so, especially in intense times like these. The EU SINGLE MARKET TOUR set itself the task of doing this and was on the road for two years with interruptions.

We would like to share a new more important details about the tour. They show how complex the two-year project was and what possibilities the modular modulbox mo systems offer:

Process of the project
A long project lead time, combined with budget negotiations, including solutions for branding exchanges and simple handling, resulted in the decision for the small modulbox and thus compact transport and easy assembly/dismantling at such different locations. A rental system was also a requirement to meet sustainability requirements.

Different versions of each country
In order to accommodate everyone linguistically, the modulbox had to be adaptable. For each country and language there was a set of two banners for the roof cube and a magnetic foil for the interior and exchangeable panels for the counter. The design came directly from the client, the EU Commission, so everything was made by us with the same harmonious design and of the same quality. The images in the box are provided with QR codes that can be used to find out about topics relating to the EU internal market in the respective national language. The postcards created with a photo box can be sent directly. The motifs on the back invite you to participate and share.

The modulbox came to Berlin for breaks. There was no damage that needed to be repaired other than cleaning.

The tour, the driver and the challenges
The driver and fitter were each responsible for one section of the tour and were there for a few weeks. There was also a permanent project manager on the agency side who communicated with the local authorities and EU employees. A team of volunteers and employees from the respective location carried out the activities. Interviews were organized and groups, schools and organizations invited and the press, radio and television stations addressed too.

Even if the locations are fixed, it is a challenge to orientate yourself and communicate in different cities and towns. Nowadays, a language app that does the translations helps.

The agency plans to have electricity on site, but since there needs to be a stable network to set up the modulbox, we have provided mobile battery-powered devices. They can be charged at night in the hotel – ideally with green electricity, of course.

Many thanks to our partners and clients:
Agency: vo event
Logistics: unveil
All information about the entire tour: on LinkedIn and EU Commission website

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