Road show through Portugal

what is the best way to get to know the MEPs, finding information and a hearing for my concerns about Europe, how can I help shape European democracy?

Currently there is the possibility to accompany a tour of the EU Parliament through Portugal.
Seven cities are on the list, 21 MEPs from Portugal are available for interlocutors, live or through various virtual means.

Meeting point – modulbox MAX

The modulbox MAX is on tour through Portugal as a mobile parliamentary meeting place, enlightening and informing. In the box, parliamentary work with all its basic values ​​should be made accessible, transparent and approachable. The modulbox serves as a place of encounter, openness, topicality and information. Nothing is more important than setting signs of democracy in action.

Portugal was chosen to reach as many people as possible on a first tour. The EU Parliament followed the request of the Portuguese EU citizens to provide the country with specific information.

What is the EU doing for us citizens and how can we help shape the future?

Actions, interviews and moderated contributions to discussions take place inside and around the modulbox MAX. Technologies such as virtual reality and the use of touch tables are used, but you can also leave a message on the slate in an analogous way. The fun factor is supported by photo campaigns.
Barrier-free access is guaranteed in the modulbox. The campaign is designed according to environmental protection criteria, so the modulbox is a sustainable rental module that can be used again and again for later campaigns.

From May to the end of June, the EU Parliament is touring through Portugal. Here you can see the selected cities:

Many thanks to the agency VO COMMUNICATION SA/NV from Brussels, who contributed fantastic communication work to the success of the campaign. Our special thanks go to Larissa Tirle as the project developer.