The plastics specialists from igus bring their in-house exhibition to their customers by thinking ‘out of the modulbox. Taking the trade fair directly to the audience, all relevant customer contacts can get information about new products at a time which suits them best. The modulbox visit disrupts the daily routine, creating an event feeling and a more open communication climate, allowing for highly individual questions. Also, the host companies avoid many of the unpleasantries normally connected with sending their employees off to visit fairs, such as travel expenses, downtime and a considerable amount of stress: tight meeting schedules, long and hurried walks from stand to stand, loud and stressful surroundings that often hinder intensive talks. Sounds familiar? Yes, it’s the classic trade fair cocktail. In order to allow the customers to get acquainted with the new products in a more pleasant fashion, igus now offers an alternative: the plastic specialists visit the companies individually and quickly set up their own modulbox; igus components such as bearings and energy chains are presented at the mobile stand.

The advantages of this roadshow lie both in its casual event feel and the temporal flexibility: Each employee can gather information on new products during lunch break or before or after work. This flexibility and the relaxed atmosphere of the outdoor event creates a culture of open communication: igus sales representative discuss individual applications with the customer’s staff, and the host company gets a small event, stimulating and diverting its employees in a profitable yet relaxed way.

By the way: The flexibility of our modulbox happens to correspond to the architectural concept of the igus headquater building in Cologne, modeled on the “fast-change” idea: Here, walls can be removed easily, parts of the building can easily be added to adapt to the changing needs of the people working there. This philosophy also underlies our mobile booth.