Resource-efficient circular economy

We are green.

This is how we implement sustainability!

Responsibility and sustainability – these issues have been moving modulbox mo systeme since it was founded in 2004. With our daily work we follow our ideas of sustainability and a responsible use of resources as well as avoiding CO2 emissions – with our local suppliers, partners and colleagues.

We attach great importance to environmentally consciously manufactured materials, durable products and their long-term use. Take-back and the ability to recycle, short transport routes and environmentally friendly processes are important to us. We are committed to an efficient circular economy (link to the area of ​​production cycle / circular economy).

mo-systeme products can be rented and bought. Both options have convincing advantages in terms of sustainability. When buying, the long-term longevity of the product is paramount for the customer. Customers can rely on their product, and regular maintenance ensures that the modulbox can be used for a very long time in their usage cycle. After years of customer service, we also buy back the modules, recondition them and reintroduce them into the rental cycle.

When renting a product, it is available to many different customers. Different customers fall back on an environmentally conscious product, use it temporarily, so multiple use is also guaranteed over a long period of time.

Both variants convince in terms of sustainability and maximum use.
And we’re talking about periods of 15 years and more.

Sustainable Events

And that’s how they are feasible!

Events are resource and energy intensive, you know that and we know that. It is important to find clever solutions to create an sustainable event.

With our modulbox mo-systeme, we offer an energy-efficient product solution for road shows, outdoor events and trade fairs that is part of a material cycle. A module box has a modular structure. By simply exchanging existing components, a module box can be changed and adapted for you as a customer. This makes new productions superfluous.

After use, the modulbox is, so to speak, taken back to its raw state, serviced, repaired if necessary and individually prepared again for the next project. This creates a long-lasting usage cycle for a one-time product. High-quality materials and high-quality production are the basis.
In addition, an event can be carried out autonomously and climate-neutrally using solar systems on the modulbox roof.
We are committed to positive development and more sustainability in the event industry.

Oliver Klotz

“Creating a long-lasting, high-quality product what is drives me. The one-time manufacturing energy should be usable as endlessly as possible. We are constantly working on that.
Communication from person to person is so essential – this is what our modulbox mo-systeme is standing for.
Aspects of social sustainability are also important to me and our team.”

Oliver Klotz

Managing Director of mo-systeme

Communicate (more) sustainably!

How sustainable are real customer experiences?
How durable can they be?
What do you remember? Why are place and space so important?

We are convinced that direct communication is important, that it is fun, that it is remembered for a long time and that people like to remember the cool place and the great action. But is that enough? Would you like more?

With our modulbox mo-systeme, we would like to offer a module that offers added value.If we produce in a resource-conserving manner and guarantee a long service life, customers can benefit. The use of existing resources and durable materials hardly causes any waste and offsets the energy generated by the manufacturing process over many years and projects – keyword ‘gray energy’.

We can also use solar panels to implement the modulbox in an autarkic and environmentally friendly manner.

The module boxes are produced in Berlin locally. They are permanently in a cycle of use by our customers, from maintenance, to repurchase and then to use again.Our systems have a modular structure. A model can be changed by simply exchanging existing components. An adaptation for a customer project is always possible.In our 15 years of mo-systeme, no module box has been disposed of.

This is how you communicate your brand messages and products in the modulbox sustainably and use a long-lasting product for this.


Six production steps with sustainability

And longevity!


Design concept

Forward-looking design and planning of materials and processing in order to manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly manner and to be able to return them to a material cycle. The use of recyclable materials is important to us.



We source our materials in Germany and in our neighboring countries in order to have short transport routes. In this way we can influence the materials and their suppliers. If possible, we choose certified providers. The purchase of recyclable building materials is important to us.



The manufacture and production of the modulbox mo systeme products takes place in Berlin. This is how we strengthen the region and our employees have short distances. The production and project work come from a single source. The teams work agile and independently. There is hardly any packaging or waste products during production. We try to conserve our energies and resources and feed in solar energy via a photovoltaic system.



For customer projects, the use of existing materials from a rental pool is preferred – in order to guarantee a long-term use and cycle of recyclable materials. It is important to avoid rubbish. The use of ecological cleaning agents is mandatory. Branding materials from customer projects can be stored and made available for further use. With the return of our products, but also of additional equipment, we try to reintroduce them into our product cycle.



Since our modulbox products are designed for long-term use, customer-specific boxes can be returned even after years. We completely prepare the basic material – steel cube – door, platform and roof elements – so they can be reintroduced into the rental pool. The individual modulbox elements can be exchanged and supplemented with one another. Renovation is possible at all thanks to the use of high-quality materials.



Individual materials in the modulbox can be separated and thus returned to a recycling cycle. Certain materials can be processed and reused by us. Care is taken to ensure that processes are environmentally friendly.

As an entrepreneur and father of a family, I see very clearly that we have to bring ecology and economy aspects together at all levels. For years we have been striving to continuously improve technical, biological and social cycles.

Marc Schwabedissen

Managing Director of mo-systeme

Team & Sustainability

It’s all about the sum of actions


Solar and green electricity

We generate our solar power with our own PV modules and supplement the remaining power requirements with green electricity. We try to reduce consumption using timers, eco programs, etc.


By bike and e-mobility to work

50% of our employees now come to work by bike. Another large part uses public transport or comes by e-bike, e-car or e-scooter. We support this through JobRad, among other things, and thus ensure a good work-life balance.


Use of detergents

In production and in the offices, only ecologically degradable cleaning agents are used wherever possible. This ensures less water pollution and thus also less energy consumption.



We have planted our dense industrial area with raised beds and planters. This offers us fresh herbs, tomatoes and fruits for joint cooking activities in summer. Bees and other insects are fed by a variety of flowers. We compost our organic waste ourselves.


Team clothing

We offer our employees certified organic clothing, as far as this makes sense according to the trade. Furthermore, we trust in the standards and sustainability reports of our suppliers about products and their production, origin and environmental requirements, as well as their attitude to social issues.


Regional catering

We offer our team a freshly prepared lunch. Cooked by a local chef with regional and seasonal vegetables and ingredients. The collection is emission-free by cargo bike.

Commitment and initiatives

In terms of sustainability

modulbox mo systeme is a member of the fwd association: – Federal Association of Event Management

fwd: has developed the Sustainable Company and Sustainable Project certifications together with the state-recognized climate protection agency CO₂OL and industry representatives, which we use as a guide.

We are a member of ‘Aktion Plagiarius e.V.’ because we want to draw attention to bold imitations and forgeries in order to protect high-quality products in a sustainable way. Industry, politics and consumers must be made aware of this problem.


We work with you to develop a suitable sustainable checklist for your event. Contact us. We are happy to help.

Tel.: +49 (0)30 9210557-10

Rita Liening-Ewert

Head of Sales Germany

Rita für Vertrieb Deutschland

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