In its 150th anniversary year, the German Red Cross will visit 55 cities throughout Germany within half a year. This monumental roadshow will be centered around three modulboxes with red floor and roof surfaces and all four wings open, thus resembling three red crosses. The task of the promotion tour is to inform passers-by about the organization and its work as well as raise funds and attract new members.

The Stuttgart-based agency Roth und Lorenz impressed the aid organization with their roadshow concept. „With so many tour stops in public areas in such central parts of the city, speed and quality are decisive,“ says Marcel Muth, Red Cross Account Manager at Roth und Lorenz. „The modulboxes can be set up in the evening, locked up at night and opened up the next morning. Since they are simply opened and closed, not taken apart and set up again, it is child’s game to use them. And fast. Nothing gets broken, even after months on tour, they still look great.“

The German Red Cross roadshow began on May 8th in Berlin. After 55 tour stops, it will conclude its journey on October 31st with a big ceremony in Stuttgart.