The second phase begins in 2024! The Single Market Tour SM30 starts again through Europe. The first stop this year is the beautiful Greek port city of Thessaloniki.

We show the first pictures of the construction of the modulbox with our fantastic team from Unveil, Porto, Portugal. Martin from the Brussels agency VO Event SA also joins the team to communicate with the authorities and stakeholders. The tour then continues to Italy, Croatia, Slovenia via Austria and finally to Munich.

Last year the Info-Box already made stops in Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, but also in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

Some key facts for the EU internal market

The internal market of the European Union (EU) is a single market in which the free movement of goods, services, capital and people is guaranteed and in which European citizens are free to choose their place of residence and to pursue work, training or entrepreneurial activity without hindrance can. The Single Market is the world’s largest integrated single market area and one of the most outward-oriented economies in the world.
Since its creation in 1993, the internal market has become increasingly open to competition, creating jobs and reducing many barriers to trade. In 2011 and 2012, the two parts of the Internal Market Act were presented, which put forward proposals for making better use of the advantages of the internal market with the aim of stimulating job growth and increasing confidence in European business activity. (Source

These advantages and achievements of the common internal market are presented in a modulbox. Each national language is communicated via magnetic walls and additional banners. This ensures participation for everyone.
With the modulbox, this type of tour across several countries is easily possible. This requires a transporter and trailer on which the modulbox is transported. The box can be easily set down using an integrated lifting system. Uncomplicated changes of location, even in narrow marketplaces, are possible. A modulbox can be opened quickly and easily by a trained person.

With the 3D tool on our website, you can easily design a modulbox in customer CI and thus present your project convincingly.

Please feel free to contact us. We will show you what options are available with the modulbox and what they can look like.