AOK Rheinland/Hamburg one of the major health insurance provider in Germany on tour.

The AOK Rheinland/Hamburg – one of the major health insurance provider – was on the road with an information campaign for preventative health checks this fall.

The modulbox MAX offered the appropriate space for direct dialogue and messages with impact and visibility. The faces of the campaign were the German hip-hop stars Eunique and Denyo. He is in his mid-40s, she is in her late 20s. Both are in the hip-hop business, both are in the middle of life. So what motivated them to rap together about such an unusual topic as early cancer detection?
Because they are damn serious: “I always say: the first half of life is free, the second half is not,” says Denyo. “It’s a topic that isn’t talked about enough,” says Eunique. Denyo and Eunique were immediately hooked
common song.

An open invitation from the health insurance company went out to everyone. Take advantage of the offers
Health insurance companies and does preventive examinations!!!
Don’t wait long – make appointments now. That is the message.
In order to provide information about all the different prevention options, the AOK RH/HH and the German Cancer Aid have started this unusual tour – also because the prevention numbers have been declining in recent years.
The AOK appeared at over 10 locations, at community festivals and sporting events.

In Hamburg, the modulbox MAX stood in front of the Rindermarkthalle in St. Pauli, not far from the now expanded city bunker with the hanging gardens and outside stairs – super central.

The AOK stand appeared open and inviting. Activities such as the bicycle challenge made it easy to get started.
A closed consultation room offered the opportunity for a protected retreat in order to provide information about the important check-ups and to have a trusting conversation. Teams from the respective regional offices were on site at each location and were able to provide real advice.

Prevention and health check-ups are important topics at AOK Rheinland/Hamburg. Since the corona pandemic, awareness of these measures has decreased and it is important to educate, inform and be visible through direct information and dialogue formats. To go to places where people were surprised by the topic, but were open to conversation and took their time. This also surprised the campaign team.

It is important to appear inviting, modern and attractive and that is exactly what is possible with a modul box. A mobile advice office where you could drop by spontaneously and get information, anonymously via the detailed display boards or in intensive discussions with AOK employees.

Our advice mainly relates to our modulbox systems. Through years of experience with our customers in live communication, for educational campaigns or
We can bring a lot of tips and experiences to roadshows.

The demand for sustainable action is now high, so we offer solar systems that make the boxes self-sufficient. Electric vehicles can be used for short distances to the event locations. The vehicle manufacturers’ solutions are not yet entirely convincing for our purposes with a pulling force of 2.8 tons or more for a modulbox, but that could change in the coming year. As a customer, you have the opportunity to more actively fulfill your obligation to promote sustainable and resource-saving actions.

We support you with the modulbox systems.
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A big thank you goes to Katja Schossman from ‘Das Kommunikationhaus’ as Strategic Partner and her team. And thank you very much for the exciting exchange, dear Christina Lück from AOK RH/HH, who drove the campaign forward and supported it on a daily basis.
Wir unterstützen Sie mit den modulbox Systemen dabei.
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Ein großer Dank geht an Katja Schoßman von ‚Das Kommunikationshaus‘ und ihrem Team.
Und vielen Dank für den spannenden Austausch liebe Christina Lück von der AOK RH/HH, die die Kampagne vorangetrieben und täglich begleitet hat.