modulbox systems for cross-location health campaigns.

To raise the awareness of health and safety topics at work – that was the aim of the health campaign by the internationally active plastics processor Röchling Industrial. More than 1.400 employees at 10 locations took part in the campaign. Necessary for this: flexible and mobile room systems that could be designed according to the customer’s requirements.

For the campaign, Röchling employees took advantage of the short distances from their workplace to the action in the modulboxes – directly on the company premises. At four stations, participants received exciting information about back health, tripping hazards and healthy nutrition.

The desire and requirement to find a sustainable solution was important to the company. These were found with the modulboxes. Once produced for Röchling Industrial, the modulboxes were on tour throughout Germany for several months as part of the health campaign and can then be used for other projects.
Röchling Industrial took the logistics into its own hands and was able to plan and travel to the various locations in Germany.

The modulbox MAX systems impress with their easy handling, modular structure and open access. This creates communicative impulses and barrier-free access.

The simple technology is also convincing.
Any trained person can set up a modulbox without any problems. Transported on a trailer, an integrated lifting system supports placement. It is also easy to transport several modulboxes over long distances on a Megaliner. Thanks to high-quality materials designed for outdoor use, continuous use is guaranteed for many years.

Modulboxes are equipped differently depending on customer requirements. Customers book wall branding and roof banners for their own brand visibility.
Meeting areas can be easily put together with modular elements, interactive elements such as touchscreens and whiteboards complement a set-up, and hybrid formats or online training can also be easily implemented in the modulbox systems.

Röchling Industrial used three modulbox MAX systems for its health campaign.