What is currently feasible and available on the market.

We are increasingly receiving questions about electromobility and the right towing vehicles for a modulbox trailer combination. Today we have set ourselves the task of providing the currently relevant answers.

The question is: What is currently possible in terms of e-mobility for transporting a modulbox? The ADAC trade association and Auto Motor Sport as two important sources are providing up-to-date market information. The pace of development is rapid and subject to constant change. We’ll definitely be back in 6 months with a new update.

The purely electric version
The prospects are promising, but the current offers with electric mobility vehicles to be able to tow a modulbox over long distances can be found in the premium category.
Porsche, BMW and Tesla currently offer the most powerful tractors, but have little storage space for additional material, tools and the like. The price for these vehicles will not be communicable across the board, but at least it is possible and worth mentioning.

In order to be able to tow a modulbox system on a trailer, you need a towing vehicle with a towing capacity of 2.8 to 3.5 t. The towing vehicle should have a high dead weight in order to withstand wind loads. And then we have to consider the route. These electric vehicles have absolutely sufficient capacity for short journeys and in urban areas. From a current perspective, long-distance travel is not yet feasible.
This is a shame because we are very interested in finding sensible solutions with our sustainably functioning product.

There are also a handful of purely electric towing vehicles that offer a towing capacity of 2-2.5t, with a still modest range, but still. With the combination, the range decreases due to increased energy consumption, just like with the combustion engine. Due to the modularity of the modulbox system, it is possible to load the total weight with the different sizes and components onto the trailer ready for towing in such a way that this works. A real advantage for you.
Does the topic interest you? Details and links are available upon request.

Hybrid possibilities
The hybrid variants are also suitable. Mobility behavior should be analyzed carefully. But here too, according to the ADAC, there are a few things to consider, such as behavior and how quickly the energy is used up when a trailer is attached to the vehicle. The experts’ advice is to test the model of your choice with an empty battery before using it to check whether the combustion engine shows any weaknesses without electrical support.
One thing is crucial and important: electromobility requires different time and planning management for roadshows on both sides. Tours through Germany and Europe are possible with this option and definitely require suitable route timing.
Use electromobility in big cities.

What can definitely be done well and cannot just be described as a “temporary solution” are roadshow tours in large cities. The inner city areas – the last mile – are an ideal space for your socially relevant communication platforms and brand messages and transport with purely electric or hybrid e-mobility solutions is feasible. You can decide to do this actively and after carefully considering all the facts.
We would be happy to advise you on the basis of our existing expertise and on your planning questions.