2021 the IAA took place in Munich for the first time.

The new concept of distributing the trade fair activities across the entire city was eagerly awaited. The THINK pop-up showroom with the modulbox MAX was opened to the public in IBM’s open-space area Königsplatz in the middle of Munich.

IBM makes mobility tangible: Standing on a hoverboard, interested parties could understand how AI-based vehicles can be moved automatically in factory buildings and parking garages. The challenge: compete live against the AI ​​and try to park faster with the hoverboard.

The Vehicle-to-Customer Cloud was presented – important software and digital service in addition to the technical developments in the automotive sector. The company intends to publish various study results on global cities such as Rome and London, thus enabling a comparison with Munich.

And this year IBM will also be touring with a modulbox MAX as a mobile meeting and consulting room.

The animation below shows the many variable options when used for IBM