Like many a good tale, the story of the modulbox starts out with two guys in a garage. Or rather: two guys and their friends in a metal manufactory of another friend, welding, soldering and developing prototypes late at night. The more idea behind the modulbox was born in a night out, in which the two architects Marc Schwabedissen and Oliver Klotz brainstormed about mobile homes that could make hut-to-hut cycling trips possible. Using the geometric basic form of the cube as the logical starting point, the concept for the modulbox was developed quickly, but it took months of painstaking prototype development to finalize the idea.

In the course of this process, other basic modulbox principles came into being, complementing the central idea of the mobile cube: First of all, all surfaces should be interchangeable and thus easily customizable. Second, the interchangeability and mobility should be environmentally friendly and thoroughly sustainable and thought out. Third, the mobility, ease of use and value for money aspects of the modulbox should be so attractive that potential customers would perceive it as a viable alternative to traditional solutions.
This com
bination of product features proved particularly attractive to customers in the trade fairs, events and live communication business: “Back in 2005, the modulbox had its world premiere at the Best of Events

[then World of Events] in the Rhein Main Hallen,” says Oliver Klotz, CEO of mo systeme. “We had an 80 sqm stand allowing us to construct an entire modulbox landscape. That went down really well with the visitors. At this fair, we generated about 60-70 very good leads, resulting in our first big order, the equipment of the Football World Cup 2006 for FIFA, to mention just one of them. ”

In the course of the following decade, an international client base and a global distribution network have emerged, in addition to many new products. The modulbox has been spotted on the Red Square in Moscow and Times Square in New York; mo systeme is represented from Sweden to South Africa.