A shortage of skilled workers, vacancies and recruiting are on everyone’s lips this year. How to counteract this? Addressing the target group at an early stage and suitable tools are one solution. This year, we have been involved in three exciting projects that have focused on recruiting with different approaches.

If cities advertise for themselves as a place to study, if international companies want to inspire young talent or if the start-up industry wants to establish itself with a young audience, then this requires an individual approach.

The international start-up conference CUBE TECH FAIR this year was a hot one. With big names like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, or Microsoft, there was a whole league of top-class speakers who lured to the conference. But how to promote an event beforehand if the list of speakers is not yet complete? A few months earlier, we travelled with the organizer CUBE across Germany and drew attention to the launch of the conference. Whether it’s fairs for young talent, IT-fairs, trade fairs for professionals, universities or start-up events. With the modulbox system it went everywhere and impressed with its open communication form at eye level. A VR-action and screens linked the offline with the online world and created a sustainable event. Presence, exciting international start-ups and a sneak preview of the innovations made the roadshow a successful teaser of the conference.

Internationally active companies have also recognised the potential in pop-up recruiting. Equipped with a mobile escape room, the auditing firm EY! once again went on tour through Germany this year. At changing universities with corresponding major subjects, groups of students were invited to face a hacker’s challenge and solve the puzzle in teamwork. The plan: one month, seven cities and a mobile escape room. The challenge: one team, 33 minutes and a hacker’s attack. An innovative workshop awaits those who kept their nerves and found the quickest solution in the team.

For more information about the pop-up recruiting, please contact us.

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