The modulbox is now ready for winter: large window panels create a closed space with an open look – a state-of-the-art pavilion with panoramic windows for the cold season. In the dark time of the year, impressive lightbox effects can be created when a luminous temporary showroom with large storefront windows turns up in the middle of an inner-city pedestrian area.

„Promotion activities in the center of the city are always a challenge,“ says Marc Schwabedissen, CEO at mo systeme. „The promotion stand itself must look good and be clearly visible from a distance, of course. It should be open, inviting and easily accessible. At the same time, however, it must provide visitors with a sort of protection. You need to create a space that is inviting, but does not give you the feeling of being on display. So it’s all about getting seen and not getting seen, so to speak.“

These difficult, indeed conflicting tasks all get solved by the winter version of the modulbox. All surfaces of the entire modulbox as well as the roof advertisement visible above the crowd can be branded and illuminated, turning the modulbox into one big luminous ad. The lifting and lowering mechanism of the modulbox not only makes transportation fast and easy; it also allows promoters and passersby to be on the same level. The panoramic windows manage to close the gap between being open and inviting on the one hand, and being closed and protective on the other. By using window film creatively, interesting effects can be created with transparent, translucent and opaque surfaces. This allows you to choose where to showcase products for the passers-by to see, where to provide visitors with a protective screen in order not to be seen, and where to place luminous advertising messages for all to see.