A very clear description for you

It’s always a very special moment when interested customers call us directly and mentioning that they are looking for a sustainable presentation stand for trade fairs and road shows, because then there is the best solution at modulbox. With the MAXIMUM reusability of each modulbox, we were able to deliver the most convincing argument.

One efford once – a modulbox can be used indefinitely. It is produced with the support of recyclable building materials that can be used again and again in the cycle of materials and economy. This only works for a presentation room for years if high-quality materials are selected.

“The one-off production energy should be usable as endlessly as possible,” says Oliver Klotz, one of the managing directors and founders of modulbox mo-systems.

Conversion and application capabilities of modubox

Some of our long-standing customers have started a pilot project with the modulbox system for rent. Then it became clear that more than 20 events or road shows were planned with a modulbox. Years later, 5 modulboxes are on the road worldwide, some of them are in use more than 200 days a year. Design and branding can be customized. If required, we offer necessary maintenance work. Thanks to a modular system, components can be exchanged or supplemented, so their appearance can change again and again and remain very up-to-date.

No plastic as packing material

There is no packaging waste at events if you opt for the modulbox system, as no plastic packaging or the like is used. And reduced personnel handling during construction is also an big argument and has a positive effect on budget planning. You only need one person to set up a modulbox. After a short training everyone can set up it safely.

Residual materials in the production phase can be returned to the material cycle or become a new product series such as the moven. The rocket oven for cooking and woking was created as a side project in our production from leftover material. For friends of outdoor cooking and nature enthusiasts who like to eat a warm soup in the garden in the snow.

With us, no valuable material is getting lost. We stand for refeeding.
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