A real added value for several brands.

The idea behind the initiative using a modulbox for the Eimermacher Group from the Münster region was to offer a space and a concept internally to bring several brands and companies together for cost-efficieny reason. The exciting thing was that they saw a big opportunity for activities in the Corona period, since they were at outdoor events for horse care anyway and are at trade fairs for other areas such as RÖWO Indoor.

The Eimermacher Group is home to the companies “Ferdinand Eimermacher GmbH & Co. KG, Schweizer-Effax GmbH and Pharmaka GmbH” in Nordwalde and is the heart of the initiative. Other companies such as SportoMed GmbH and Holmenkol GmbH are on board as well and using the modulbox MAX for their own activities. The divisions and products should be more visible and independent of location in Germany – indoors at trade fairs, as well as outdoors. Eye-catching and appealing, plus presentable in a high-quality, modular and mobile space, interested parties and customers should come together and find new products and information in an exciting way.

Sending five brands and more on tour is easily possible with a modulbox. Either the brands and brands present themselves one after the other at events, i.e. each brand has its own product wall and roof branding, which ensures its own striking brand visibility. Or all brands are shown at the same time and side by side with an expressive branding concept within a modulbox.


The exchange and change is done quickly and easily and we are talking about a change within a few hours and a new appearance can be implemented.
Meeting areas can be easily integrated with additional modular furniture, as well as interactive elements such as touch screens and whiteboards, and hybrid formats or online training can also be easily implemented in the modulbox systems.

The advantages for our customers with their own modulbox lie in the years of forward planning for multiple use and its cost efficiency. Expense costs are shared among the companies which are being involved. Every division can make savings by not having to keep buying new exhibition stand concepts.

The customer’s reason for opting for a long-lasting concept with modulbox systems is based on a sustainable cycle concept that protects the use of resources. Once a modulbox has been built, it remains in the circular economy system, where it differs from one-off concepts in its use. When it comes to longevity, we are talking about periods of 10, 15 years and more.

Multiple use also means that we have enough modulboxes in stock in our rental pool to be able to offer customers a modulbox at any time, even if there is little time from one return to the next start. Customers can pause, we store branding material, and the finished material is available again at a follow-up event.

The concept works on a rental and purchase basis – we offer both options.

Nordwalde location
“Ferdinand Eimermacher GmbH & Co. KG”, “Schweizer-Effax GmbH” and “Pharmaka GmbH”

Location Flörsheim-Dalsheim
SportoMed GmbH with the brands – www.roewo.com

Location Ludwigsburg
Holmenkol GmbH – wide range of snow, outdoor clothing, cycling and weather protection body care